Rolling Stones

Always reassuring when the Crofter comes into the house to tell me “Well, at least the chicken coop isn’t demolished!”. Yes, to be fair, the Crofter does work and today’s job has been to remove ‘a few bumps’ from the top field. All well and good but the term ‘tip of the iceburg’ comes to mind. Just small stones, until you start digging and hence a machine digger was used. And after three were placed in the tipping trailer, two were too big and had to be rolled. One being pretty flat sided so needing nudging all the way; the other, just a wee push and it headed straight for the coop. At the last gasp it swung wide and came to rest in front of the coop. Thankfully there were no chickens in that one at the time (its their winter house while they are currently residing in their summer abode).


Just a few more stones to shift if anyone wants to join in the rolling stones competition? Reward: you can keep the stone you dig out.

One thought on “Rolling Stones

  1. I understand very well when you talk about the tip of the iceberg! It’s amazing how bigger a rock can be, compared to how big you think it might be, by the time you get it out of the ground.

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