Blessing of the steer

Well my beloved Fionngal (inserted sarcasm still required), I have been looking forward to this since you broke through my electric fence in a nanosecond. You are now booked into the Dignitas of the cow world.
May the grass rise up to met your mouth. May the sun shine to give luscious grass. May the rain fall gently on your delicious rump and may the trailer welcome you with open doors. And then, we will meet again…
Gorge my dear boy, your days are numbered!




Crofting with the mini crofter



Dear Parenting Book,
I do like the aspect of routine that you cover in your book, I just have a few questions:
Morning naps for 6 month olds: if it takes me 27mins to brush cut one section (from the machine stored and put back away), do I really need to wake up mini crofter after 30mins or can I change/remove all bits of grass before hand and get a cuppa? Does it really affect him later on in the day if I delay it or would the bits of grass be beneficial as he enters the weaning stage? How much dirt/grass can they handle at this age?
If I get a call from the butcher to go pick up the meat in 10mins, but I’m 30 mins walk from home and 10min drive, am I better waking mini crofter up before I sprint home with him in the buggy or leave him asleep to bounce around until the change over into the pick up which will rudely awaken him? Can I let him sleep while I sort 7 boxes of beef? Will this affect his fweng-shee for ever more?
I looked through the FAQs at the back and the chapter with examples but didn’t really find anything that matches. Can the next addition have a chapter on routines for baby agriculturalists, I.e., seasons of the year and their affect, not just age of mini crofters?
Yours faithfully,
The Crofting Wifie