About Us

Our History

When we bought the croft there were no boundary fences, no outbuildings and no house. Over time the place has developed into a full working croft with fences, sheds, machinery, and a house (14 months in a caravan was enough, never again thank you).

Having a croft means you quickly become knowledgeable about a lot of things and always seek out people who can teach you more (why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from others).

In the past we both worked full time in paid employment with the croft on the side. The term ‘on-the-side’ can be misleading, it is a fair amount of work that goes on and there is never enough time to do the jobs you want to do. The arrival of the Mini Crofter changed a lot of things (such as how we work things; not the level of work needed on the croft) and the fun of overseeing the croft suddenly had additional challenges (such as selling lambs at the mart with a baby in a sling because what else was I supposed to do…).

When having one mini-crofter seemed challenging enough, we now have two. While Tim’s work pattern has changed variably over the past 5 years (and the additional challenging of a national lockdown), his work is now based in Norway, giving us a much better balance of the two of us working the croft.

So the crofting life can vary. Whether we are tending to the garden, working with the cows, managing the land, or taking kids to school, we aim to work with nature and the environment we live in, to be a part of the community in which we are based and provide food and other produce.