Mary had a little lamb

Well, in this instance, I’m not Mary. Nor is the sheep a lamb, although it is wee-er than other breeds. And it’s brown, not white. But, every where I go, these lot are sure to go.

These boys were not getting offered a bucket for no apparent reason. The after dinner chat with the Mini Crofter (fifth time of reading Posie and Pip), a sheep was spotted to be caught in some wire. Now, the electric wire is set up to allow sheep through a gate but not the cows. Somehow one of the Jacobs decided to use the electric post as a back scratcher and pulled up a post. This in turn dropped the wire, which the muppet then got a leg caught.

Micro Crofter was placed in a bouncy chair, Mini Crofter told to watch Mummy through the window. And with that, on went the waterproofs, for having watched the sheep in question, I was going to be wrestling the muppet to untangle. I decided to take a bucket as comfort food, as that works for most of us in certain situations. However, the site of the bucket got the sheep to walk with a determined mind and just pull himself clear. And join the other five wanting a treat too. And I hadn’t even whistled to get their attention. Having just watched sheep dog trials, we still have no need for a sheep dog. And the nursery rhyme needs to be adapted.