The Croft

We are a family based croft in Strathnairn, nestled on the foothills of the Monadh Liath. Our northern climate can be challenging with short summers and long winters making the growing season challenging. We strive to work with our unique natural and environmental surroundings to create as much of our own produce as we can but also to allow others around us to also enjoy locally grown produce.

About Us

The Crew

The croft is overseen by Tim and Beth Rose with two mini-crofters that add a bit more dynamics to the working of land and livestock. While Tim works off shore, Beth oversees the croft, the children, and the coffee machine while he is away. The bees, polytunnel and garden are overseen more by Tim. Beth deals more with the sales and social media. Both work the tractor, fix leaking pipes, and find that it is useful to be a jack of all trades when working the land.

What We Do

The Land

The land is divided up into different fields. While there is a small patch of old woodlands, we deer fenced 5 acres to plant new trees for future use. Various hedging plants have been planted and our main field is used to create hay for our cows in winter. We also have a veg garden, a polytunnel, an orchard/apiary, and a soft fruit garden.

The Livestock

Our small herd of cattle utilise land that is hard to grow other food, thus providing both delicious and ethical food, but much needed manure for the vegetables and fruit trees. Most years we raise a couple of pigs to help dig up land that can not be reached through other means. There can also be found a range of hens, bees, and sheep depending on the season.

The Produce

We have a range of produce available: everything from beef, pork, hogget, chutneys, relish, jellies, honey, and seasonal fresh fruit and veg. The preserves are made from the excess veg from the garden and to help provide some supplies over winter. We get our meat frozen to allow the quality to be preserved and allow it to accessible throughout the year without needing preservatives or other factors to keep it ‘fresh’.

Life on the croft

Find out more about the highs, lows, and laughs of crofting

Woolly Silence

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What People Say

Absolutely delicious ribeye steaks for a special dinner! Thank you!

Liz, Strathnairn

The steaks I purchased were absolutely wonderful. I had the fillet, my other half had the rump. I’ve only ever had steak once before and was never a fan. These however, were amazing! I was sad when I finished the last piece and wished for more 🤣 I’ll definitely be having steak night more often! 😉

Zoe, Inverness

Want to find out more?

If you would like to purchase any of our produce, head over to . Please contact us for more info.