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Here is where to find out more about what happens on the croft: from dealing with bulls and babies, swing sets and swarms, mud and mishaps.

From The Crofting Wifie: The highs, lows and laughs of crofting

Winter and the flamingo dance.

That time of year when snow glistens in the sun. The muted sounds buffed into tranquillity. All perfect winter scenes as social media are serenaded by a whole orchestra of glittery, snowy pictures that burst onto the scene. And then it all melts. And you’ve got a foot of mud to wade through. The soggy…

As the snow lies

December ended up being a bit of a blur. Not in the “have you been to Specsavers?” type, but the day to day tasks turned to a ‘lets try and keep everyone and everything alive’ mode. The microscopic bugs seemed to have held the house hostage. The siege seemed never ending; one attack would finish…

Woolly Silence

Things have been fairly quiet on the blogging aspect. The writer’s block has seemed to have outlasted the pandemic and is still going strong. A few times I would get those ‘whay-hey’ moments, but rarely would the mental concept last, the next breeze would chase it off and by the time I got to sitting…

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Hi, I’m Beth. For over 10 years I was a Theatre Nurse in the NHS. This full time job was then combined with managing the croft when we moved here in 2012. I became a full-time mother in 2017 and the antics really seemed to have kicked off. So hence the blog was born. While never destined for the glossy country type magazines, I offer more of a Laurel and Hardy view point to self sufficiency.

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