Public holidays and creativity

Over the festive period, it appears people often use the time to do more arts and craft projects. So when the three calves showed their true potential for jumping championships, the Crofter decided to join in. Having discovered we had no more electric wire connectors, he used some innovation for getting an electric wire up ASAP. One of the problems with public holidays, limited open times and living a wee bit away from town does help with creative thinking.

May not be the usual connectors, but they will work and gives a lovely hue in colour along the fence. In the mean time, the three amigos are still over in the far field until their current hay runs out and they’ll be moved back.


Three ‘wise’ calves…

New Years celebrations on a croft meant waking up to find three calves not in the same field as the sheep, but on the other side. No need for a show jumping horse here, the calves have a pretty good clearance. So, while the Crofter worked on putting up more electric fencing, out came the rattle bucket and off we went to put them in the far field while whistling…

We three calves, 2 Shetland, a saler

Jumped a fence having had a confer.

Field and fountain, moor or mountain

The byre we do prefer.

O, jump like thunder, what a height.

Par our flight on a dark night

Bawling cattle, shake and rattle

Guide buckets to end the plight.