iCalf 2

iCalf 2 was born today while the Crofter was home. Typical that the most placid cow does it when there are two of us about and you can watch the event from the kitchen window.

No, we have not named either calf yet but this is the year for names beginning with ‘I’; usually Scottish based, iMacCoo doesn’t count. Unless of course the jokes can continue with iRump, iSteer Pro, and iGrill.

Today’s calf came with the first rain we have had in ages (really, the river is low, the IBC tank for the chickens is completely empty and daily top ups are required!). So, after digging out the waterproofs from beneath the sun hats and sun cream, mother and calf were slowly moved to inside the byre with its fresh straw and sheltered walls away from the intense curiosity of the rest of the herd. Nothing like being inundated with visitors when you’re trying to find your feet!

Two out, one to come…

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