The 7” Shingles by The Unusable North

I’ve got the 7” shingles, the wrong lying outcome

The 12 pile broken mix

Just put them in the wheelbarrow, grab yourself a mallet

See what we can smash up

I want some slate scree and revamp, a dodgy little section

With a merry wee wish and bang

From slates for the roof to chippings galore

But still, the whole ones left over for sure.

Swing a mean machine

Want rid of the moss

We were bent down, hands down, little bit of sit down

Giving it a good wallop across

All the punters will say

And you’d be join in too

Blue, blue slate, could have bought from Wickes

But that wouldn’t recycle, reuse

So Deep Heat, don’t be a tease

Now I’m down on my knees

I’ve put the mallet back down

For some rest if you please

Please note, this is a countried (literally) version of Paul Heaton’s 7” Single. If only he were a Crofter, he could be singing about breaking up the old slate pile. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. The moss covered front garden patch has now been replaced with slate chippings and am just waiting for a new log shed to be built; I’ll just go add it to the to do list…

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