Motherhood and the Sound of Music

If the people behind the lyrics of The Sound of Music had been mothers…

Tablets on counters and matches in reach,
Bright highlighter pens and cupboards with bleach.
Baler twine knotted to make up some swings,
These are just a few of my toddler’s things.
Cream coloured carpets and crisp packets upended,
Shampoo and bath gels,
And Radox cartels,
All emptied down pipes along with some rings,
These are just a few of my toddler’s things.
Sharp blades on scissors and blood gushing hither,
Nursery to rush for and no time to dither.
Missing in action and thinks he has wings,
These are a few of my toddler’s things.
When I sit back
When the gin’s out
When bedtime’s done.
I simply remember my toddler’s favourite things
And know I’m not the only one.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood and the Sound of Music

  1. Thank you Beth . Your words, humour and lovely photos of the boys are what we need in these days of uncertainty, worry and apprehensions. Stay safe , keep blogging and accept virtual hugs . Mary xxxxx

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