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Our most recent beef available has been hung for 6 weeks (all beef below unless specified), it has been born and reared under the Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Assurance scheme. We do still have a small amount of our three-week hung beef, which is priced slightly differently due to this.


  • 6 week hung Forerib (£28/kg): 4.465Kg (£125.02)
  • 6 week hung Sirloin on the bone (£32/kg) 2.075 (£66.40)
  • Topside, 6 week hung (£20/kg) Sizes 1.5kg – 2kg
  • Topside, 3 week hung (£19/kg) 1.3kg size available
  • Silverside, 6 week hung (£18/kg) Three remaining: 1.44kg, 1.5kg, 1.52kg
  • Silverside, 3 week hung (£16/kg) Two available: both 1.5kg
  • Brisket, 6 week hung (£16/kg): Sizes around 1kg
  • Brisket, 3 week hung (£15/kg) Sizes around 1kg


All steaks are packs of two (apart from minute).

  • Fillet (£47/kg): only 275g pack and 360g pack remaining!
  • Sirloin (£36/kg) Two steaks per pack (between 445g-550g per pack)
  • Rump (£25/kg) between 485g-655g pack sizes
  • Minute (£20/kg) between 220-380g pack sizes
  • Tomahawk Sold out
  • Fillet Tails Sold out

Beef Sausages:

Each family pack is £4.50, minimum weight 350g, flavours include:

  • Original (contains wheat, sulphite)
  • Beef and garlic (contains wheat, sulphite)
  • Sausagemeat (454g minimum weight, contains wheat, sulphite) Great for making homemade sausage rolls

Other Beef Cuts:

Diced £6.50/pack (minimum weight 500g)

Mince £6/pack (minimum weight 500g)

Burgers (4 oz/pack of 4) £5/pack (contains wheat, sulphite, eggs, soya)

Shin £13/kg (pack sizes between 340-520g)


£3.50/JAR OR 3 FOR £10 (APPROX 290G JARS)
  • Drover’s Relish Great served with burgers, sausages or even as a tangy addition to a cheese sandwich
  • The Laird’s Chutney (contains sulphur). An exotic twist of apricot and date in this chutney.
  • Ale Chutney (contains gluten). A chutney with a splash of ale. Great with sourdough bread and Connage chedder.
  • Deerstalkers Jelly (Redcurrant jelly with a hint of thyme, perfect with vension or pork roasts)
  • Shepherdess Jelly (Redcurrant jelly with a hint of mint, perfect with lamb roasts)
  • Five Spice Apple Jelly (Perfect with roast pork or mature cheeses)
  • Blackcurrant Jam (only one jar remaining)
  • Onion Marmalade  Sold out
  • Crofter’s Chutney Sold out
  • Apple and Plum Chutney Sold out
  • Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam Sold out


Birchwood Croft honey (2022)
£9.50/jar (454g)


For any of the above questions, something else you are unsure of, or if you would like to purchase any produce, please get in touch via Facebook, mobile or the contact page (please enter either your email address or phone number so I can respond to your lovely comments).


If you have online banking, we can now send out an invoice that makes payment very easy. For customers who wish to collect their orders, we accept both card and cash. For those who wish to make a bank transfer, please ask for bank details.