Social media distancing

On Facebook at the moment, there are a variety of posts with no photo, but that makes me take note. Ooh, what’s this? They want to engage with others. Sounds great. They want a comment of something that connects the two of you. Interesting, I’ll think on this. I keep reading. They then have the line of ‘comment, copy and paste on your timeline’. Fat chance. It’s not their words, it’s just copied. So to all of my friends on Facebook: I do read your posts, would love to join in but as soon as I see ‘copy and paste’, I practice social media distancing. Copying and coughing are two things I am happy to stay clear of. Even if it was slightly adapted to hold your own words, it would change it from being someone else’s work, to being yours.

If you are really bored, and had enough of the copy and pasted post on seeing photos number 17, 33 and 61; why not learn a new skill or craft? You do not have to sit on your sofa as many posts seem to suggest. There is a lot more to life than Netflix. Knit a hat, make cheese, plant some herbs, learn a language, make cards, write letters, put up a bird feeder. I could go on. The current situation is a craft hoarders paradise; for once buying the equipment and supplies can match the art of doing something with it. It’s not just a introvert book reader’s heaven. Spring clean, declutter, fold the past six months laundry…

If I’m honest, I do like the sound of being confined to the house for several weeks. But, we have a croft and children and with the time of year, our main projects at the moment are outside (log shed, polytunnel, veg garden). Getting the spinning wheel out with two wee boys who are more akin to Road Runner, is not a good idea.

So my craft area has stayed untouched. By the time the mini crofters are in bed at night, I am doing well to manage a row or two of knitting before wanting to hit the sack. But I am persistent (aka stubborn, who would have guessed) and I think even doing one row is better than nothing.

So for those of us who don’t have the luxury of complete self isolation inside, on our own and have the time to take up a new skill, finish the fifteen projects we have on the go. why not show us what you have made, learned, done, attempted. From ‘Covid-19’ to ‘I did 19’, use the time to do something new while we get a handle on the coughing (and copying) issues.

3 thoughts on “Social media distancing”

  1. When you talk about learning a new skill or craft you could have said making chutney, but you are already a master at that!


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