Dancing queen

More like a prancing cow. A very pregnant, pacing cow who is due tomorrow. And today’s weather: a wee bit of a stiff breeze and spotted showers (aka, hold on firmly to the double buggy to stop it getting blown over and wear waterproofs, you get drenched otherwise). Why, oh why do the ‘hardy’ cows seem to pick days like today for having their calves? Visions of a cold and wet calf come to mind. Not a relaxing image to have in your mind. Particularly when you are the sole carer of a toddler and baby who are currently on their naps so this is the only chance during the day of nipping round to get jobs done. Such as checking up on a newborn calf. But no, she just keeps prancing back and forth.

So just hold on Luv, tomorrow’s forecast is much better…

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