Ring, ring…

ABBA really do have some cracking songs. I just don’t think they thought ‘Ring, ring’ was going to be whistled in the context of castrating bull calves. But hey ho, most top songs can always lead you back to the farm! Two calves so far this year and both are boys and it’s a job that needs done. On a side note: predictive text wanted to change ‘boys’ to ‘joys’; ur, no, calf 2 hasn’t been a joy. His mother hasn’t made it easy but he is still alive (with many thanks to many people; not least Farmer Ian).

Now, the calf has survived his first week and was let out into the field with his mother, warm sun and space to run. But he did get the full ABBA song played to him (literally) so that he’s now a steer. Most males on our croft will have a strong dislike for ABBA’s cracker!

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