As I went down to the river…

As I went down to the byre for hay,

Studying the snowfall on that fateful day

And what do I find, looking around

Good lord, not a good day

O Lugs, you calm down,

You calm down, bafooning clown.

O Lugs, don’t go down

Down to the field to play

As you take off through the gap to play

Studying the calves, giving off a good display

And who will get you back inside

Good lord, show me the way

O Lugs, you come back

Let’s get you back, give some slack

O Lugs, time to back track

Get you back to the old hay rack

O Lugs, do what I say,

Leave the cows, go on, get away

O Lugs, you will pay,

You will pay with your own fateful day

And in answer to the new lyrics, yes, Lugs is back inside (I never knew cattle could squeeze through smallish gaps). See, with the Ren-gate scandal and Hilda being due last week, I turfed both her and Breena into the field as the Crofter was away. No calf appeared. Great, Renoir must not have been successful on his gate hoping day and she’ll be due with the rest. So, decision was made to stick them both back into the warmth and dryness of the byre. Wrong! A near riot broke out. Lugs took off like a bucking bronco once he got through the gap. So with that the two soon-to-be mothers were given back their field. And who knows if she is really late or really early, but Hilda’s calf arrived today.

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