All about the beef

Well, no, it’s not all about the beef, although that is our main croft income. We do have lamb, although I prefer hogget (1-2 year old sheep so better flavour), occasionally pigs, and every so often chicken when they have reached that time in their life when suited for the slow cooker. Meat is not the only thing, there is a vegetable garden, raised beds, a small orchard and a soft fruit area.

Last year while having my year long sabbatical I was able to do a lot more in the vegetable garden. In the past I left it to the Crofter; working a full week meant I had little ambition for tackling the garden, there were other things I enjoyed much more: flail mowing, brush cutting, probably a lot of things rather than gardening (but a lot of things you can’t do while the sole responsible adult of the Mini Crofter). And there was my problem. Vegetable gardening is much easier little and often, not one full day digging up a year’s worth of weeds. This means the weeds are still there, we are still at war with each other, but they aren’t winning as much. Last year was our best crop of vegetables. Which means the pressure is on for this year.

So, with the sun shining out I was for a quick stint in the garden. Which meant I made a discovery; we have a lot more vegetables still in the garden than I thought were left. Usually we have eaten the crop by mid winter. However there is still kale, leeks, cabbage, turnips, red onions, and even a couple beetroot.



This means last year was our best crop of vegetables. Not a ‘must-enter-vegetable-competition’ success but a vast improvement. Aspiration to match it this year then…

I had been amazed at what grew last year, I’m now impressed at what remains. Although, it means I need to up my veg intake to be sure it’s good to go for planting vegetables this year. Otherwise, it will be all about the beef…


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