Snow from the sky.

07A71605-B331-4A86-997B-5A5D02DB3BC1.jpegBeast from the East? No, it’s called snow from the sky. Sorry to freeze your spirits, this isn’t Hollywood and winter doesn’t need to sound like Armageddon and a blockbuster horror movie. Yes, snow can be pants (believe me, I know), but I really don’t need the weather named. Did you get Snowflake Stanly today? How’s Cloud Colin affected you? Sunshine Susan looking good? How’s Windy Wilma, Breezy Barry, and Gusty Gus where you are?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental. But it does seem if weather hits some people they can name it, moan and tell us it’s horrendous because they have had to scrap ice off their windscreen (I listen to too much radio). Shock, horror. Ground all form of transport! On the other side you have people getting themselves stuck on roads causing emergency services and volunteers to rescue them.

Having a weather warning of ‘be prepared’ is a fascinating comment. Should we not enter all of life like that? Is it just being in agriculture that has formed that mentality and would I think differently if I relied on others to keep roads clear, etc? For me, the weather forecast is studied meticulously each night to prepare for the following day and week. Will I be feeding cows late at night or during the day depends on the forecast (risk of ice, do it earlier to avoid any idea of getting the tractor stuck!). Do the sheep need extra? How high I fill the water trough depends on the temperature forecast (will it freeze before they get their water, will I need to add more to a block of ice). Do I pull up my mole traps and suspend the war on moles if the ground will freeze?

Because of these comments I now expect the sky to fall on my head. Or more realistically, absolutely no help the next time I’m snowed in, my pipes burst or I struggle to get to the shops for food for the Mini Crofter. Never mind, my replacement snow shovel just arrived and I’m waiting on my grit order to come. Women with grit and shovels can master the world AND feed the beasts (as in cows, not the clouds in the sky…).

2 thoughts on “Snow from the sky.

  1. I agree with you 100% regarding weather naming, there’s too much hype and sensationalism these days. When i typed those last few words i realised i sound like my dad!

    1. I know! Nothing against one part of the UK getting bad weather and it getting plastered on the news but why are we now naming it? I just don’t understand it. My Dad agreed with the post too…

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