Feasts for the beasts.


As the weather called for outside work (really, when does it not), I spent a little time with our Mini Beasts. The Three Stooges of the calving world. As they reach their first birthdays and the new calves will hopefully be arriving on the croft, handling them as much as possible moves higher up the priority list. Mini beasts growing to big beasts that are high strung are not high on my ‘ohh, what will I do today? I’ll go cozy up with a wild cow, I will’ list.  Having the handling facility makes it so much easier and gets them familiar with it. Less stress for everyone. Now, I did look at my nice clean cement flooring and wonder about getting them in but, staying on top of the mess and taking a shovel and brush after each stint is nothing in comparison to calm cows. And it wasn’t that long ago when Feonghall broke through my electric fence in a nano second as a high strung steer and I set his destiny with the stars (aka abattoir).

As it turned out they were not as calm as they looked. Soon after tucking into their buckets they started playing musical feeds, each pushing to their right. Eventually a bucket didn’t conform and will need a new lot in life. Grass it always greener…

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