Delivery dudes and directionless combo.

East Coast Viners, a company that supply animal feed. Oh how they have just reached the top of the ’worst deliveries ever’ in my list (as it was one of their own dudes and not contracted out before anyone starts sticking up for them). Was the delivery supposed to be yesterday? Yes, but they called Wednesday to say they had no forklift deliveries in my area. Were they supposed to give 2 hours notice? Yes, but never happened. Did anyone call? Yes, but never left a message. Did ECV’s leave a message? Yes, and I got back to them in 10 mins. Did they ask for directions? No, so I prompted them. Did it take them forever to find us on a map? No, under 5 mins the man could see. Lovely dude, real lovely.

If this was 1st April I would have thought they were having a laugh…but sadly no. Because a delivery person (I will not judge) didn’t ask for directions, Mini Crofter and I will be taking an adventure with the trailer tomorrow to go pick up 1 ton of cow, sheep and chicken feed that I paid extra for a fork lift to off load into our shed. Not only have I had to ring a random bloke tonight (I hate phones), I will have to go pick it up from a random estate and I will have to off load the luggage by hand. 25kg sacks are not the lightest to say the least. But hey ho, I have my trailer license, the weather isn’t forecast for rain or snow tomorrow, and I should have two hours during the Mini Crodter’s nap to off load it when I would be, oh, probably just sat painting my nails and watching soaps on TV…oh aye, we don’t have a TV.

There is due to be several seminars in Scotland for Women in Agriculture. I would like to find out how other woman manage when agricultural companies and delivery drivers give them a run for their money. Sadly, the seminar I signed up for will have to be cancelled. Why? I have no childcare for the Mini Crofter as the Crofter just got told he’ll be off shore for another week (making it 5 weeks). So, if any women are going, can they ask if they can set up a crèche the next time? And how should you respond to an agricutural company that thinks you can just ‘collect’ a delivery to the wrong address.

Any body builders needing a workout? Looks like episode two will be continued tomorrow…

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