Wind in the willows

FCBBF1D4-32F0-4360-A568-688016C7EE8C.jpegWell, maybe not wind in the willows but willows to help keep the wind down. Aye, 50 in total, all along the orchard (don’t think older trees laden with fruit but gawky, teenage fruit trees that are still trying to figure out their lot in life). Fruit trees that get hammered by the wind whistling off the hills (aka mountains but having been to   Switzerland I’d call them hills although they are just a tad bit bigger than your hills in Norfolk…). So, several year ago a few willow and hazel got planted along the wind pervailing side to try and offer a bit more protection for the trees. These are,on the whole, looking good but just not enough. More recently I was lookin at fancy willows under categories of basket weaving and winter colour and decided to go for it. 50 trees later with them all marked on a ragged piece of paper that looks more like a map of secret treasure, I envision a lovely hedge which I can coppice for making baskets. Reality set in with a sudden drop in temperature (Beast from the East? No, just very cold here). Guess we’ll see what survived later on in the year. There may just be wind in the willows…which I could go watch, then I wouldn’t need to read it…

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