Dancing by the light of the moon…

One basic task: give a bale of straw and hay to the cows in the byre.

Add some entertainment: work three longer days while mother-in-law babysits Mini Crofter while the Crofter is away.

Result: The tractor and I out doing a jig by moonlight (buffalo gal I am not but the tractor’s quite good with making my knees knock and toes rock (more from nerves of tipping it then any Strictly Come Dancing potential). No, I do not have holes in my stocking. Yes, it was a clear sky with a bright moon that I was able to use as could I figure out how to turn the fullbeam lights on? Fat chance. I eventually gave up trying and went for what I was successful at: one small light on the front and two useless ones on the back.

Eventually, two bales in the byre later I discovered that even though it was time for bed after the job was complete, the cows wanted to sing for a supper and where not giving up on the idea about it either. So, out went buckets before the lights were turned off and their good night bellows echoed through the glen under the canopy of stars.

1 thought on “Dancing by the light of the moon…”

  1. At least the light in the byre works pretty well……..Also the christmas lights in the byre must have made you feel all warm and happy inside whilst driving the tractor!!


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