Edinburgh delivery and beef for the unromantics.

There will be an Edinburgh delivery available tomorrow if anyone is interested in ordering beef or eggs. Please be in touch by 8am tomorrow (Tuesday 13th February) if you wish to place an order.

Some of our beef are looking for their forever homes, can you provide it? It may well be a week where consumerism is pushing steaks for two but why follow that path? Buy two packets and get your friends round. Or why not order some diced and make a delicious Steak and Ale pie for six? Busy but need to feed a family? Go for a pot roast and slow cook it (and watch everyone drool as the smell wafts through your house). Ideas, cooking suggestions and recipes can all be provided on request.

All deliveries will be provided by a hardy Rose, the Mini Crofter is the most likely to be in red though due to his newly washed snow suit. My romantic innerness really does shine at this time of year…

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