Reed reduction and stress management

The past two days have been filled with flail mowing and brush cutting. This is for two reasons. One, we have a problem with reeds that we have mounted war with. The battles have been long and slow, often with set backs but the opportunity arose to hit while the enemy would be weak. A cold, hard frost arrived on a day I had off and Tim was home which meant the ability to take out the trusty Dexta for a spin without pouching the ground, cutting the reeds when they will hopefully be further hit by the cold weather. The brush cutter was taken next as the armour of choice to reach places the tractor couldn’t.

This coincided with the end of a week at work where stress levels have been high and the insomnia has returned full strength. To counteract this I find the job as a good stress reliever. My stress levels had even reached the point of wanting to complain to a local politician about some of his comments regarding the I work in. Never before have I been rattled by a politician as one this week. I gave him the element of courtesy (don’t believe everything you read in a newspaper) and went to his own site. Bad mistake, as not only did he have the same comment, he made further ones. Response: out came the brush cutter with full force, only as it was day two after several insomnia nights I was out of omph within an hour. I don’t think when the makers of brush cutters talk about stress reduction they are thinking mentally but maybe more in line to wearing a harness when out doing the job. However, it is a job with great satisfaction while taking your concentration. It is a way to use up energy and give time to think things over. Whether it is flail mowing, brush cutting, or mowing they are all jobs I can do for hours. So, maybe I should look at getting a different job…

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