Ring fencing the ring feeder

Having cold weather is nothing new. Discovering that the weather had been cold enough in January to freeze the ring feeder to the ground meant that the usual weight lifting excercises didn’t work (picture attempting to push up the top bar at each gap while looking like a wannabe weight lifter at the gym). I have in the past only once had the ring feeder freeze to the round and been unable to manually unstick it even after several ‘rounds’ of it. However, on that occasion I had the wee dexta so attached a ratchet strap between the two to unlock the feeder but also snapping the strap (although I didn’t feel too bad as I had wondered why I was turning into a light weight lifter). This occasion the next bale was already in the field so the tractor was substituted for a mattock (as you do). There was still hay in it but due to weather and other jobs required over the following few days knew it needed doing regardless. The entire feeder needed dug out before finally managing to uplift it and rolled to the next bale. Anticipated time slot for job: 20 min. Actual time taken: 1 hour 20 min. Och well, the other jobs were not a priority and the weather was one of the few none whites of last month. Weight lifting gym session complete.

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