Dear ‘All terrain’ buggy manufacturer,

IMG_1015Dear ‘All terrain’ buggy manufacturer,
When you sell a product as ‘all terrain’, I am intrigued to know what image you have in your heads. I would be more than happy to have any manufacturer of all terrain buggies come spend a day with me or any woman in agriculture.

However, as it may be a bit more muddy than you might expect and I might be chasing pregnant cows, here are some tweaks that would be useful.

These include:
Two hooks on the handle bar to hang buckets or shepherd’s crook.

Space between hand bar and canopy to place one small bale of hay.

Slightly bigger wheels: mole hills, tractor ruts, and rocks are all bigger in the field than they look from the fence.

Mud guards on back wheels. Obvious reason – we live in Scotland and when it rains, fields don’t work the same way drains on pavements work.

Waterproof exterior so you can wipe it down after the sheep have had a good scratch on it and you don’t have to turn up in town with a buggy smelling of sheep.

Raise the shopping bag off the ground to be higher than the average cow pat. Why would I need to skirt a field looking like I’m blindfolded?

Ring loops on the sides so you can easily rachet strap it if it’s a wee bit windy but you need it to stay put while you wrestle the sheep.
Yours faithfully,
The Crofting Wifie

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