Crofting Wifie’s guide to pregnant poaching (points 6-10).

6. Labour has several meanings: such as when you ask your Mother-in-law to come and stay for labour…in reality the byre is a working progress and the Crofter really needs another pair of hands.
7. The brush cutter is not an easy implement to use once you start feeling the effects of all those bacon rolls for 6 months.
8. ‘Nesting’ is for the chickens. During the latter stages, when you are not in your ‘paid work’, you are able to complete jobs that have been on your to-do list since the house was built 3 years ago. You are not nesting, your dealing with procrastination.
9. Levering and lifting are two different words. Big stones are useful, just not where a gate post needs to be fixed.
10. There is a difference in scalpings and concrete mix, do not let the quarry man away with it. Tell him you’ll be back in the morning to get the right stuff for the labourers unless the other labour has started. Then you’ll have to pop by a bit later.

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