Dear All Terrain Buggy Makers,



Dear All Terrain Buggy Makers,
I wish to take this opportunity to add some more ideas to my previous letter. Having now used the buggy for 8 weeks, I feel that you could create an all new buggy suited for those in agriculture, game keeping, crofting and landscaping, etc.

1. Due to a mini crofter who doesn’t like being stationary, why not add a self generated energy system. We have enough wind turbines in our country, let’s look at new ways.

2. I have noticed that baby chairs often have a button for vibration. Why not add the option of a sheep shearing machine attachable to the side to lull the baby to sleep and give the sheep their annual haircut.

3. Addition bottle holder storage to hold iodine required for lambing and calving as well as a few slots for the ear tag device, my multi purpose screw driver and other essentials would be very handy.

4. The two back wheels are removable, can you make it interchangeable with a lawn mover blades and a scarifying device. If I’m going to push, let’s make it multi tasking. It then means promoting quality time with the mini crofter and getting the grass cut.

5. The handle bar is adjustable, great. Can you place a locking tripod between it and the canopy to mount a .22 when I go out hunting/gathering.

6. Once I have got my deer, I would like a way to fasten two chains to pull it along behind me while I push the buggy. I’m not sure what weight limit the buggy has but it would be worth increasing it in case the deer is bigger than I thought.
Yours sincerely,
The Crofting Wifie

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