Folsom Prison Blues and The Crofter

No, he didn’t commit murder (for those who know the lyrics, this will be clear as day). He’s just been put in quarantine before going off shore. Yes, that’s right. Some think it’s lockdown when they can stay at home getting things done and still go shopping. Compare that to your food getting delivered to your door (ready made, picture a dogs dinner rather than a dinner for the gods). You are in a self contained unit but one that isn’t yours. No books, no projects, no garden, no paperwork, no receipts to file, no nothing. Yes, to him I’m sure he would see it akin to a prison service. I, on the other hand, think of what I could achieve, such as a full nights sleep…

However, while he muses the day along, croft and life on it keeps plodding. It doesn’t grind to a halt and pause to contemplate the global stock markets. And crofting with two mini crofters is like an iTunes playlist stuck on repeat. You hear the same things for oh, 26 times in one day. Mum, why and no are the three words topping the word chart. The top sentences are trumped with: just leave the manure pile alone, stop licking the windows, stop putting sand into the raised bed, and no, I can’t swing you in the house, there isn’t room to swing a cat!

This means I get to look round at about 6 major projects, 14 semi major, and 32 minor projects but can’t do any. Or if I do manage them, I feel I should be shortlisted for some award from the Queen. Which is hard (seeing projects to work on, not getting awards from royalty, although I’ve never attempted it to compare). My step count has no problems. I don’t have to work on it. As soon as one child goes silent, you start searching. Usually once you find that one face down licking the concrete mix, the other starts bawling. And back you go.

Now, it is an unknown as to when the Crofter will return. News, restrictions, and all sorts seem to change daily. Will there be any flights to get him home? Or do we need to start saving bog roll to pay his fare on whatever seafaring boat is going?

Until then, the cows still get fed, seeds are getting planted, electric fencing getting unknotted, and manure returned to the raised beds for the sixth time.

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