In the still of the night

The twinkling stars, the silver moon, the heavy frost giving a white carpet, the occasional owl hooting. Ahh, the tranquility…Well, as long as you block the echoing bawl of one of our cows. And why? Well, the new hay shed was finally completed, hay was finally shifted out of the byre and in went bedding straw, water switched on and the hay feeder filled. The cows didn’t really think twice. That is, all bar one. A calf from this year. And with that, a spritely young thing that can prance across a large field with minimal effort. The mission was finally aborted and the decision was taken that he would stay out and we would try again in the morning. Did the mother seem to notice? No, she seemed to be enjoying her freedom, her spa like treatment and the new wine and dine menu offered in the byre with all the mod cons. That is, until about 10 o’clock at night and she decided she better let him know where she was. And not just him, and us, but the whole glen would have heard her! Aghh.

But that wasn’t all. Jonny decided he still didn’t want to follow the herd after a night of noise. Answer? The two of them have got the whole field by themselves.

We all need sleep!

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