Slow boat to China

No, I am not on a boat. No, I’m not headed to China. I am still here. I am still shifting cow and watching sheep. And shifting a Micro Crofter and watching a Mini Crofter. But other than that I sit about watching daytime TV and drink Champagne. No, wait. That should have said I watch wildlife and drink coffee (pretty hard to watch day time TV with no TV; also difficult to sip imaginary champagne).

However, things have been ticking over and in fact, a few changes. Including a new shed. That is correct. Another shed. But a fairly important one that the cows will get the benefit from. But, if you want to know about the new shed before the next post, feel free to pop out and bring wellies (i.e., lend a hand). What better time of year than now, the wind is sharp, the rain is cold, but you’ll enjoy your dinner at the end of the day.

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