Decalfinated: when your last cow of the year finally has her calf.

Yes, that is correct. She waited until the Crofter was away and popped it out. Typical as she has had a few sessions over the past two weeks of ‘ohh, that will be tonight, today, tomorrow’ and then has been the facing of a laughing cow as to my guessing.

Today, she not just waited for the Crofter to be away, but waited all morning while I had only the Micro Crofter. See, the Mini Crofter was away at a childminder’s (a very good one at that I might add; they often don’t get recognition for what they do and particularly dealing with so many children). Any how, Gilly waiting until I needed to be in be car and down the road to pick up the Mini Crofter before popping out the calf. Cows have a sixth sense to know when to pick their moments.

Now, it’s not the most stunning photo of the wee thing but I wasn’t hanging about for a photogenic newborn picture. I just needed proof I wasn’t making up excuses.

The de-calfed croft it now is. With snow forecast on its first night, I was looking forward to the next few days where much warmer weather is forecast. However, this first night has been rough. Not for the calf (as far as I know) but having two wee Crofters now wide awake. So, the croft may be decalfinated, but I’ll be needing the caffeine when the ‘sun’s up’ on the Mini Crofter’s clock and they are raring to go. Just hope the wee calf is too…

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