Dawn chorus

No, I do not have any cockerels to joyfully give a wake up call as I sit on the edge of the bed with a yawn and a big stretch. Nor do I have the sun always poking its rays over the hill, casting shadows with the trees.

What I do have is a Matriarchal cow who you can identify in your half slumber by her moos as she wakes you up at 5am! OK, what’s wrong now? Hmm, one cow still to calf, something wrong there? No other sounds? Head to the lookout points (aka windows) to spot the issue.

Yes, the Crofter got sent back to work yesterday so what happened the first morning of him being away? One calf getting itself into the fenced area around our drainage. How did it get in? No idea. Could it get out? No. Have they ever managed to get stuck there before? No. But today? Yes. Fab.

The Mini Crofter at the age of two is learning new words everyday; he can now say ‘daft muppet’.

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