We’re going to…America?

No, we’re not. But Neil Diamond’s song is a corker for belting out if you change ‘America’ to ‘abattoir’. Yep, have three sheep in your trailer, a two week old in the back, driving along, singing along. Music is apparently good for babies. You then can go to your next song from the Lion King that also is a great abattoir song. Yes son, let me introduce to you the Circle of Life thing from an early age (which, may I remind some of you is Disney/Elton John, the land of princesses and less of the real life).

Due to a Micro Crofter affecting our Crofting team management system, the sheep have been getting more of a ‘re-wilding’ approach. More being left to their own devices rather than me sitting with them for their daily time of mediation. However, our freezer was slowly indicating a need. In they came for an inspection; two older ones were specifically chosen. You want to make sure they have had the good life, but you get them before they have age related problems so that both you and them can enjoy each other.

And if I can pelt out ‘We’re going to the abattoir…today!’, what other songs can I change?

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