Get the party started.

The last post up was a wee while ago. Not much has really happened, other than the Micro Crofter finally joined the party last month, several days after the last post. So there’s my excuse for a pregnant pause in posts.

Lousy if you want excuses, no ‘the dog hit the control/alt/delete buttons on my computer and forced WordPress to quit’ or ‘the gale force winds caused a power surge so lost 16 unpublished posts that I had spent hours composing’. No, just an arrival of an 3kg plus bundle and suddenly I become a ‘sit on bum wifie powered by coffee’. Before I get uproar that I am implying I am being lazy, I am (being lazy). But when you’re not getting your full sleep quote, you can tell me what you like, I’m not superwoman, but even she needs her sleeping . I also learned the last time. Don’t chase cows, stack wood, or do normal jobs for several months. The baby may be out, the mind may be eager but the body has had some slight adjustments that need realigned. So, this time, I am taking it easier. Honest.

So the Mirco’s arrival may just be small change on the croft, one major change for his parents. It was late by medical standards, really late by his mother’s requests and therefore, with that lateness, caused numerous telephone exchanges between the Crofter and his colleagues (who, I am indebted to, they gave him a couple more weeks at home!). So if any of you are reading this, thanks guys. Appreciate that. The idea of sole managing a Mini, a Micro, a bunch of cattle and some sheep was a wee bit overwhelming (less the cattle and sheep, more the Mini and the Micro).

It has now been four weeks since then and the Micro can tell you what he’s done (well, tagged along for). We’ll maybe just leave that confession until after tomorrow once the Health Visitor has slowly crept down the road.

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