The straw that brought the community folk back

Yes, straw is light. Put it in a bale and you need a wee bit of ‘umph’ behide it. The kind of umph I’m missing while counting down to a labour party with a midwife. So with that came help last weekend to give the cows a bale. Community spirits are alive and well around here and I am thankful for the help I’m being offered. With the help means I can usually avoid all strenuous, heavy and hard tasks. It just means someone else ends up doing it thought. So with that at the weekend, half of the straw bale was unrolled in the byre and the rest stacked in a corner for another spreading mid week. Hence my job today.

A fairly easy job really but I seem to be more in tune to camels. Thus I needed a wee lie down, although not for a broken back, just because it felt that I had forked hard core for an hour. But while doing the task, I was thinking about labour. Not the political or midwifery type, but just how much ‘work’ goes into the croft. This came about after a conversation with a researcher for Newbie at the James Hutton Institute. We never found a concrete answer. Looks like I’ll be doing one of those hour by hour charts for a week to see. Slight problem at the moment is a 15 min task takes about an hour. Never mind, tractors were made with lots of space…

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