Two sides to every sheep.

Since the sheep have been moved next to the house, it makes it easier for watching them. And with that, one was spotted on Sunday with a bad limp. As she was holding it up this Monday I decided I needed to have a wee look. Och fine, it’s just a wee ‘un thankfully (and just one). I can do that.

Plan A has been to move the sheep hurdles into the chicken pen and I would then be able to get her contained. However, the sheep looked like they were pretty interested when I appeared so I thought, ‘No bother, I’ll see if I can get them in without all the lifting of gates’. Walk in with a bucket, and they join me like the 12 lords a’ leaping. What a festive bunch.

Then came the unexpected, for right in front of me was said lame sheep. Pretty wee so figured I’d just upturn her and see (although I had no foot trimmer or spray with me). During this time I should say that my mother-in-law was watching on with the Mini Crofter so I wasn’t being totally unorganised.

However, wee sheep can put in a bit of ‘umph if they decide they don’t want contained! With the help of a mother-in-law and a mini rugby tackle (my tackle was anything but graceful, and having a Micro-Crofter on board catches you off guard with maintaining balance, it was more of a science from Wallace and Gromit, and besides, some people pay to go to rides at amusement parks just to be jostled about). But, with the undignified pile on, one limping sheep was caught. However, the kit required was in the shed so Mother in law was given the option of holding said sheep or going to get the hood trimmers. She opted for the run and Mini Crofter stayed with me.

With the return of super-granny, purple spray, and a hoof trimmer the foot was inspected. Thank goodness she’s a wee one because after just a basic trim, I was feeling it. Guess that’s another thing off my ‘still doing’ and moved to the ‘need to ask for help’ list. For yes, she looks like she has foot rot. But from my view point, I’ll get someone who can bend easier. Now where’s that number for the lady who does mobile nails and gel polish, think she could fill in…?

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