Wind the bobbin up

Little did I know that having a Mini Crofter would open up the realms of children’s songs. And therefore, tunes that get stuck in my head while performing tasks. Such as winding in electric wire to allow sheep and steers access to the woods in winter when the time comes to it. Neither are in the field yet but if the weather turns and they need more shelter it will be ready and waiting for them. However, it would appear that the wire had been tampered with by intruders from the hill. Never mind, venison stew for tea tomorrow.

Wind the fencing in,

Wind the fencing in,

Pull, pull, tug, tug, argh!

Wind it back again,

Wind it back again,

Trudge, trudge, unknot again.

Walk to the end gate

Walk to the post

Walk to source the culprit

Walk to make a roast

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