Brown Fridays

The United States has Black Fridays, the UK seems to be taking this on. But on the croft, it could be any day really, but it’s more of a brown.

Yes, the cattle handling area needs regular cleaning. So while some spend time spending money on shopping, why not spend time getting to know where your food comes from and the work involved? It’s not all glamour work but even shifting muck that will then rot down to be added to the soil in the vegetable garden can give a better understanding of plant and animal based foods. Welfare of animals and their upkeep are fairly important. As we head towards Brexit and possible trade deals with countries that have different standards, it seems that now is the time to start getting to grips with understanding food and making choices about what we eat. As they say, don’t make assumptions that just because something is reduced in a sale doesn’t mean it’s a bargain; the same can be said for animal welfare and meat quality. Just because you think a said country has high standards, doesn’t mean that’s what will end up on your plate. And even something basic such as keeping the handling area clean, can affect the health of our livestock. So unlike the newly adopted yearly Black Friday brown days are much more common.

Lesson for the Mini Crofter: time spent together can be of more value than money spent together. That and sweeping up muck is better if you use the brush the right way up.

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