Scrubbed up wellies

This coming weekend the Scottish Crofting Federation is having a two day event titled ‘ Spirit of Crofting’. This includes an award ceremony for two awards, one being the Young Crofter of the Year. No big deal really, unless you’re one of two who has been shortlisted! And the other nominee being none other than Donald MacSween (Air an Lot, BBC Alba). I don’t think I can just wash my boiler suit and scrub up my wellies. Besides, the current stage of the soon to be Micro-Crofter means boiler suits are now off limits. Hint to all agricultural clothing companies, yes women wear insulated boiler suits (they only make them for men), and secondly, even women who only use non insulated boiler suits become pregnant.

The event itself has meant strategic planning is now in overdrive. The Crofter has been away for the past two weeks and is due home the day of the awards. Cue helicopters, temperamental weather, trains and taxis, one shattered Crofter Wifie who has started having to pack several days before to ensure nothing is forgotten. The Mini -Crofter’s grandparents (aka babysitter’s for the do) are due to arrive in time as long as no accidents happen on the A9. The Green Fairies (friends of ours who are lovingly going with me/us to watch the Mini Crofter during the day/provide support in the evening) are working late Thursday to ensure prompt arrival for registration on the Friday. Starting to sound more like Cinderella going to a ball…if only I had a fairy to sort a full outfit of glam for the night.

Och well, not the normal planning of the croft’s activities. And besides, regardless of what happens, the full cooked breakfast is planned for the day after.

2 thoughts on “Scrubbed up wellies”

  1. Good luck this weekend. Hope everyone gets to where they should be and you have a great time! 👏👏🍀🍀 Margaret (Parkinson)

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