Swine and dine

Having sorted a babysitter for tomorrow for the Mini-Crofter, I will be heading to go collect Wilma, Julia and Marcia (complimentary jar of apple sauce to anyone who guesses the connection/reasoning in their names).

These three fine pigs spent their life basking in the sun, wallowing in mud and rooting up grass (and rocks, and weeds). They were placed on an area that has not had pigs before and thus minimises problems such as a build up of worms, etc. They required no medication and enjoyed getting scratched.

Now, they are available for all to enjoy, as the more we eat, the less risk of the older fashioned breeds becoming extinct (these three were not pedigree, they were Gloucester Old Spot cross Saddleback, two breeds on the rare breed watch list).

Although a full list will be available after I have sorted the meat tomorrow, it will be:

Sausages, burgers, belly: £7/kg

Roasts, chops, steaks: £9/kg

These prices are based on the cost of providing the correct environment, labour, slaughter and butchery costs. It’s not something we generally think about when buying food from a supermarket but it’s good to think of what work and money gets invested into our food.

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