Tough as old boots.

A woman may never have enough shoes but having one pair of nonleaking boots would be good. And nonleaking wellies, and nonleaking waterproof trousers while I’m at it. Heels may be useful for reaching the top door of the byre but think I’d go for a tough-as-old-boot style, the type I can wear feeding the chickens, trudging up a hill, at the mart, with crampons and into town, all the while not looking like I’ve just arrived from the outback.

My current boots have served me well, they have hung on a lot longer than their first prognosis but their time has come. My wellies on the other hand have had a sudden twist of fate and the gash in the side means my sock usage per day has spiked.  Now, the confession about the waterproofs…they aren’t mine but the Crofter’s! I discovered that his have been more breathable and workable than mine so was just borrowing them. However, the past few days they have been leaking. Initially blamed on the deep snow and snow flurries for snow getting where it shouldn’t but two days later I’ll admit they just aren’t working as they use to. Not leaking a huge amount but it won’t be long before they start taking on water like the Titanic. Shopping trip needed soon at this croft but maybe not the average woman’s shoe shopping trip…

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