Blowin’ in the wind.

First, the weather turned and although the BBC was telling me it was ‘light’ wind, I disagreed and picking up bits of wood blown over fences would suggest otherwise. Then, the forecast stated gale force. I was suspicious. Would it really be more than the previous two days or were they thinking of just making it up for the low numbers? Everything by now was firmly tucked up so little required in preparation.

On the day itself I will admit it was a tad bit blustery to say the least. The dilemma: Mini Crofter’s naps are outside and if you bring him in, he usually wakes up (avoid at all cost). As to where he gets parked outside depends on what I’m doing, weather, and how much snow is on the roof. In this situation, normally the ‘west wing’ is the preferred choice as it is out of the hoolie that blows in off the hills behind and not affected by the postman. This wind was different and was being canny hitting all sides of the house. Various attempts at different spots showed the north side as the least blustery with the porch offering a bit more protection. And, it had a potential anchor point. The window boxes may not have been installed as a buggy tethering point but they worked pretty well to ensure buggy and Mini Crofter stayed safe. It did take a bit of problem solving as to what to use as two bungee cords were already in use to tether down his blankets, leaving only one. No more bungees? Graduate to ratchet straps.

Now, the weather may not have blown over the buggy but there is no mention in the instruction manual as to what wind speed is suitable for it. Note to all buggy makers: hooks for attaching ropes, bungees, Shepard’s crook wouldn’t go amiss and if you could tell me what wind speed would tip the buggy I would be most grateful.


2 thoughts on “Blowin’ in the wind.”

  1. Reading your blogs makes me laugh! Maybe you could do a blog for the buggy manufacturers, telling them about your escapades.


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