The elephant in the room

My comment last week about dreaming of being in the Crofter’s shoes in Norway was not made up. It is thought through with awareness of all implications. The view out the window of the industrial builder’s yard. The twice weekly knock, drop and run food delivery. The scandi decor of minimal decorating. Nope, it does not sound dismal to me. I really would think that ideal for completing several things.

At home, on the croft, cows, the polytunnel, the laundry, all speak loudly. In comparison, I have two boxes of knitting wool that silently whisper to me every time I walk past. The knitting needles themselves need a bit of organising (another project) but stand in their container silently watching the world go by. There are three books that are my priority reads (2020 goals). Their covers cast their longing looks from their neglected pile. Another five are ‘one day I may learn to speed read and polish off the lot so keep them handy”. But they too join the room, in a soft, muted tone; being more akin to decorative wallpaper. They affect the ambiance of the room but having no demanding presence (particularly when you stand at a window looking out at the outside seeing what work to do).

However, the most silent, is the elephant in the room. No, not the “who did you vote for in the last election, how much money have you got in your piggy bank, or will you be watching church online?” elephant-in-the-room. But an actual elephant (well two, if you count the wee one). See, they are small in size, they have been evolving for more than 10 years, making appearances on holidays (in the past) and so have not been worked on since the Mini Crofter arrived. Yes, it’s cross stitch. Another of those ‘why do I like doing so many different things hobbies?’. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in solitary confinement, you can take it with you and just slowly (and yes, think of Mr Slow in the Mister Men books) work through it. One day, I dream of completing it. One day, it too can join the room to watch the world go by (from the wall, rather than a box so not that exciting). But while two boys can disassemble chairs in 10 minutes flat, misplace keys and turn on water hoses, it remains in its box.

1 thought on “The elephant in the room”

  1. Oh Beth how so many of us can relate to this (apart from the delights of having Wee ones these days)!!


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