Wake me up when September ends.

It’s not me that needs woken up when September ends, but my writing. I have been working, honest, I’m now just a month behind, so I’m on par with the overdue library books I recently discovered.

So, a few episodes ago; way back at the beginning of September, the Crofter returned home after a 32 day stint away. Believe me, I hit the wall on day 28. The last four days are killers. I often feel that I could do with a week off to recover. However, the to do list would get even longer and the time shorter. And besides, this time, I had shared the to do list with the lovely film crew who were coming back. Aye, back. I had wondered if I had done enough to drive them demented and they would decide there was little need to come back. But they did. Dirk and Sebastian were here the first time, but this time Babette was with them. What a fab team again. Easy going, not pushy in agendas and helpful with everything. Now, I am no Hollywood actress wannabe. Nor was drama high up my favourite subjects at school. In fact, it was one of my least favourites. Not that I would need to act for a documentary, it was just I am well aware that I may not be the most expressive in my speech. In fact, I’m good at the stereo typical dour Scottish approach. And this will potentially be aired for German TV (I say potentially, I still think of the film producers sitting in their office with head in hands at my wanderings and mutterings and deciding to scrap the bit on crofting). I wasn’t sentimental when sending off Hrossey. I had a kitchen in desperate need to being on a horders anonymous show (the chutney I made that day is only for home consumption, honest, I have varying standards). I shifted a bull with the sound of my youngest not being too happy (really hoping that didn’t get picked up) and, I had a microphone on while driving (let’s hope I didn’t make any sarcastic comments). I drove along the A9 with one of the kid’s sun visors stuck out the door. I hit a massive rock when I pulled over to wait for them. And the list does on. So, how they will work with it, I have no idea.

Having never been involved with a film crew, I am so glad of how they worked. Now, I’m not saying I will be putting myself forward for more filming, but if they ever wanted to return, I’d be happy for them to come back for the craic.

So next time you’re sat watching something on TV, have a wee thought for how many hours went into it. Camera, sound, production, the amount of hours is huge. Just wake me up after it’s been aired…

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