Bye bye Lugs, hello luscious meat

That’s right, my soppy, sentimental part was back as we sent Lugs off. Hmm, that is, if you count the phrase, ‘You big baffon, stop messing around’ as I shed a virtual tear as sentimental. In reality I think I have spent more time crying due to my severe lack of sleep in recent months due to motherhood and insomnia. But that’s a different story.

So, soon, we can say hello to beef on the menu board (very end of May is the forecast). So if you want your meat fresh, speak to one of us (as in the Crofter or I, not the little person in my head that I often have conversations with and myself), send a message via the contact page, phone or text. And I’ll admit, phone is the worst option. Shouldn’t admit it as surely every good business needs to be good at phone conversations. However, I may be good at the conversations with the wee dude in my head but I feel the phone may break out in the plague. But, if you feel you have to phone, I’ll prep to ensure I answer all phone calls over the next wee while.

I will upload all the cuts and prices soon but there should be the usual of:

Steaks: Ribeye, fillet, rump, sirloin

Roasts: Forerib, topside, silverside

Dices, mince, sausages, burgers and beef olives.

Now I need to put a disclaimer on, we’re using a new butcher so packaging will be different and the sausages and burgers will be too. Now, I know quite a few really liked the last butcher’s burgers but these ones have come recommended to us as well so why not give them a try and let us know how they compared?

I’ll now just go and start practicing ‘phone chat’.

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