On the road again…

Not me, but lorry drivers on the road again. After my last fiasco with receiving animal feed while manning the croft, we decided to be better organised and ensure the next lot was done while the Crofter was home. No fear, he was home for four weeks and we made the order early. Ha, I think there is a reason East Coast Viners is cheaper than Harbro. Our pig food finally arrived…six days after they had told us and four days waiting around for a delivery. At least you can be out doing things, particularly after my last incident when they noted down our OS grid reference (no excuse for needing directions…).

However, as I took the Crofter to the airport, I was told that the bags of fertiliser he had ordered with the pig food had not yet arrived but had been told it would be while he was gone! This isn’t just wee bags of fertiliser from your local garden centre, these are massive bags so he had been kind enough to put a hay bale on the back of the Massey to ensure balance. Oh whoopie!

Wait a few days and then the inevitable happened. The lorry turned up. The man had parked down at the neighbours and walked up (yes, it was a massive lorry so didn’t trust being able to turn) and after looking at the area, he would bring it up but he was due his break. My response was, that’s fine pal but the wee one is due to wake up in 40 mins so you may end up either offloading or watching the Mini Crofter…He muttered he would pick the tractor option but promptly brought the lorry up. Good thinking. Thankfully, between the two of us (me guiding his lorry, him guiding me in the tractor got the four bags off loaded. All finished with 10 mins to spare before the Mini Crofter woke up, no damage to any buildings or the lorry and four bags of fertiliser ready to be spread.

I’ll take that driver back. Using a front loader is fine when you have lots of space. Start adding building, lorries and a time pressure and you start getting a wee bit nervous. Someone to guide you with very clear hand signals is very useful. I’ll just leave the fertiliser though until the Crofter’s home. I’m not sure delivery drivers are use to threats of babysitting…

2 thoughts on “On the road again…”

  1. Thanks for another interesting blog. Is that a binder that’s sitting in the shed behind the fertiliser bags? Seeing it reminds me of when i was a youngster growing up on a farm.


    1. Yes it is. The Crofter bought it a while ago wanting to work on it, which was ambitious regarding the amount of other work that is needed. Feel free to come and visit, did you ever work the binder if you grew up on a farm?


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