No sitting bull here!

For once, the excitement on the croft happened while I was away…Tim did still have his mum to watch the Mini-Crofter so I don’t feel he got the full adrenaline/stress effect, but hey, every episode counts…Yes, Renoir decided that his romance life was pants and wee Hilda, with her glossy sheen, bright eyes, and situated in the green, green grass, needed him to scale the gate and rescue her. However, his misjudgement of the length of his legs and the size of the gate meant if it had been me, I would have phoned a friend! As it was, Tim was home with his mother up helping so, as she and the Mini-Crofter watched on, he helped give the bull some stilts to help him over. We may not have planned to put Renoir in with the girls just yet but at least we will know when Hilda’s due. May he have learned his lesson and not do it again though…

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