Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Move ‘em on has been what we’ve done. Renoir and Fearghus were let out of the byre to allow the girls to have their own maternity unit. A frolicking bull dancing in the spring sun…great, as long as you’re on the other side of a solid fence! Fearghus did trot gallantly through the electric fence but eventually headed back to the approved playground and off the hay field. Getting them to the far field required some nerve and a food bucket. Walking through a field with two hefty size boys being high as kites is not for the faint hearted. Soon they were joined by last year’s steers, two boys that I have been working with so a bit more chilled and have a stature more attuned to frolicking around,

Their new quarters is the ‘Rough field’, a field that is one of my projects of improving. This all meant the tune of Rawhide was whistled while the ring feeder was moved through two fields to join them. Never mind the hassle, they all looked at me saying the only thing on their bucket list was a bucket of nuts!

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