Has the Crofting Wifie turned into the Really Hardy Wifie or was today’s storm scaled down to ‘a wee breeze from the West with a dusting of snow’? After looking at several weather forecasts I was prepared for power cuts and saying goodbye to anything I had not fastened down. Well, maybe not goodbye, but a ‘we shall meet again’ as it usually ends up down at our closest neighbours…

So while the storm that has been named meandered about and the mini crofter took his usual nap outside (no ratchet straps required today for the buggy), I decided to make use of the time while the weather ‘wasnae bad’ and worked out in the chicken pen (aka swomp). This involved a mallet and putting in several new open drains to try and improve one area of it for although the ducks love it, the chickens have never showed any ability of evolving into water creatures. The chicken pen is only there to provide a refuge for the poultry from sheep and cows. That’s right, we take bullying seriously and although fenced, it’s the equivalent of having an island in the Carribean all to yourself and 12 other birds, although no beach, little sun, a wee bit less heat, but you do get personalised storms.


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