41 days until…

These are not just any cows, these are Shetlands who can get their fodder by fairy lights. OK, the fairy lights were put up for a BBQ in the byre to celebrate the mini crofter’s baptism. And why take them down? Got enough work to be doing and as the nights draw in, it’s nice for once not to need a head torch for every event outside.  Even if the cows show no interest in their luxury, I like them. And besides, that should mean I don’t need to put up any more lights this year…I wonder if the cows would like their own tree in the byre? I could decorate it will sugar beets and make tinsel with cow nuts. Make a star out of straw and place it in an energy bucket to hold it upright. Wonder why no pet shops have ever thought of this as a selling product at this time of year…

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